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How to Align CFOs and CROs on the need for Growth, Profit, and Cash Flow

SaaS and Cloud Finance Leaders Series

It will be a challenging year as the economic downturn drags into a second year with no end in sight. Go-to-market teams will be expected to drive top-line growth with new bookings and customer expansion, but with fewer resources and less budget. Achieving the right balance of growth, efficiency, and cash flow will require alignment across the management team, particularly between sales and finance.

Topics covered:

Attend this expert panel to hear leads from SaaS finance, sales, and rev ops teams discuss challenges such as:

  • Customer Needs – How to respond to customers requesting higher discounts, more flexible payment terms, and contract downgrades.
  • Sales Incentives – How to modify compensation plans that keep top sales talent motivated and engaged, but within desired budget parameters.
  • Accelerating Collections – How to work together to ensure timely collection of receivables from customers who are taking longer to pay.

Speakers include:

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