Accounts receivable automation

Payments, collections, dunning & AR aging

Reduce your workload without scaling headcount

Get cash in faster with more flexible payment options, automated dunning workflows, and customer self-service.

Empower customer self service

Empower users to check balances, download invoices.

Automate recurring payments

Receive funds via cards, ACH, wire transfers, and checks.

Track aging receivables

Report on DSOs and accounts 30, 60, 90 days past due.

Send dunning messages

For renewals, past due, and failed payment scenarios.

Reconcile payments with invoices

Credit to customer account and update cash & AR balance.

Customer payment options

ACH, card, wires, and check

Make it easy for customers to pay with auto-pay and pay now options. Or route invoices to their AP department for processing.

AP Routing

Route invoices to your customer’s accounts payable team for validation, processing and approval.


Enable customers to enroll in scheduled, recurring payments via card or automated bank transfer.

Pay now

Enable immediate payment from a link in an email or from the customer self-service portal.

Payment channels

Support payment transactions via cards, check, ACH, domestic and international wire transfer.

screenshot of Ordway pay now from bank account

Billing portal

Empower customers to answer their own questions and reduce the workload on your accounts receivable team with Ordway’s self-service portal.

Check account balance: view recent payments, new charges incurred, and up-to-date account balance.
Download historical invoices: enable customers to view, access, and save all past bills without having to contact you.
Customized branding: Configurable to match your corporate brand identity to act as an extension of your product.
screenshot of Ordway customer billing portal with happy users
infographic of man reaching out from computer screen to award trophy to business woman

Enhanced customer experience

Build trust with transparency and customer empowerment

Reduce the friction in the billing process for customers, by empowering them with flexible options to:

  • Emails about invoices & payments

  • Optional monthly “auto pay”

  • Portal to check account balance

  • Website to “pay now” online

  • Easy-to-read invoices

Receivables reporting

Aging and delinquent accounts

Keep an eye on cash flows with automated reporting on monthly billing, outstanding receivables and incoming payments.

Aging reports: track the balance of receivables more than 30, 60, or 90 days past due and the associated invoices.
Payment status: report on full payments, partial payments, and failed transactions for outstanding invoices.
Delinquent accounts: identify past due accounts, outstanding balances, and the associated customer payment history to take corrective action.
screenshot of ordway billing software with accounts receivable aging chart

As a result of using the Ordway platform, we are now able to collect faster. We've seen our days sales outstanding (DSOs) improve and we see that improvement on the order of magnitude of 25 to 30%."

Mohit ManochaChief Financial Officer - Casepoint

Automated dunning

Email past due accounts. Retry failed transactions.

Accelerate cash flows by automating customer communications and exception workflows for common AR scenarios.

Past due reminders

Notify billing contacts when the account is past due and offer easy options to settle the balance.

Retry transactions

Configure automated retries of card and direct debit transactions based upon error codes from processor.

Payment notifications

Notify customers of upcoming payments related triggered by subscription renewals or trial period expirations.

Suspend accounts

Initiate workflows such as limiting features, suspending service or cancelling the subscription.

Expired card numbers

Notify customers with expired credit cards or invalid bank account numbers, requesting they update auto-pay information.

Ordway screenshot of dunning email - unable to process payment
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Payment application and reconciliation

Invoice-to-payment matching

Save time and improve the accuracy of your accounting by automatically reconciling payments received and updating customer balances.

Remittence details

Collect payee, amount, and date from popular payment processing platforms.

Cash application

Credit receivables to your customer’s account and update balance automatically.

Journal entries

Update accounts receivable and cash balances and post to revenue sub ledger.

See Ordway’s accounts receivable automation software in action.