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Capitalism’s Favorite Business Model

Recurring Revenue

The Ordway Podcast

Capitalism’s Favorite Business Model – Recurring Revenue

The Ordway podcast focuses on recurring revenue, which is capitalism’s favorite business model.  Host Steve Keifer, Ordway’s CMO, interviews finance leaders at some of the world’s most innovative SaaS, cloud, AI, and fintech companies.

Topics include

  • SaaS metrics like ARR, net retention, and LTV/CAC
  • Pricing strategies such as subscription and consumption
  • Fundraising approaches with venture capital and growth equity firms
  • Accounting challenges with revenue recognition, collections, and payments
  • Startup advice for founders on go-to-market, culture, and talent acquisition
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Latest Episodes

Recurring Billing System Implementation

Max Rosenberg – Vice President of Client Services

Max Rosenberg, Vice President of Client Services at Ordway, shares considerations that SaaS companies need to make when implementing a recurring billing system. Topics include automating sales tax calculations, connecting to payment gateways, and designing customer communications schedules.  He also provides insights on who is typically involved in the recurring billing project, how long implementation will take, and what the most common obstacles encountered include.

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Emerging Payment Technologies

Phil LevyCEO of Exact Payments

Phil Levy, CEO of Exact Payments and fintech expert shares the top three emerging payment technologies that finance leaders should have on their radar – 1) digital wallets, 2) network tokenization, and 3) real-time payments.  He also explains the payment facilitator (payfac) model and how it has greatly simplified the ability for SaaS companies to collect payments.

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SoftLedger and Next Generation of ERP

Ben TaylorCEO and Co-Founder of SoftLedger

Ben Taylor, CEO and Co-Founder of SoftLedger and former accounting manager shares his views on the top challenges finance departments face in getting real-time data from their ERP systems.  He explains the vision behind SoftLedger’s next-generation accounting platform and the advantages his new architecture provides with tackling complexities like multi-entity consolidation and foreign currency management.

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Revenue Recognition for SaaS contracts under ASC 606

Dan Kullback – Director of Solutions Engineering at Ordway

Dan Kullback,  CPA and Director of Solutions Engineering at Ordway, explains the importance of revenue recognition for SaaS businesses.  Audited GAAP financials are a critical requirement for raising growth equity, venture debt, and securing other credit arrangements.  Transitioning from cash to accrual accounting is one of the big transitions early-stage SaaS companies need to make as they scale up.

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Introduction: Capitalism’s Favorite Business Model – Recurring Revenue

Steve Keifer – Chief Marketing Officer at Ordway

Steve Keifer, CMO of Ordway, explains how businesses have shifted from selling things “as-a-product” to delivering them “as-a-service” and why the economics of recurring revenue are driving the change. He outlines the four key themes to be covered in the podcast series: 1) business model innovation, 2) pricing strategies, 3) next-generation technologies, and 4) operating metrics (e.g. ARR, NRR).

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Latest Episodes