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Capitalism’s Favorite Business Model

Steve Keifer explains how businesses have shifted from selling things "as-a-product" to delivering them "as-a-service" and how the main business driver for the change is the desire to gain more recurring revenue.
October 10, 2023
podcast advertisement for soft ledger next generation ERP with photo of Ben Taylor - Softledger CEOPodcast

SoftLedger and Next Generation ERP

Ben Taylor, CEO and Co-Founder of SoftLedger and former accounting manager, shares his views on the top challenges finance departments face in getting real-time data from their ERP systems.
September 29, 2023
Podcast studio with mic and white coffee cup, blue lighting in the backgroundPress Releases

Ordway Launches New Podcast on Recurring Revenue

New podcast series will explore the topic of recurring revenue - capitalism’s favorite business model. With an emphasis on technology-centric, as-a-Service business models, the podcast will feature interviews with founders, venture capitalists, and finance leaders…
September 25, 2023