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Customer Support Lead/Manager

Work directly with Ordway's SaaS and cloud customers to help them troubleshoot and resolve issues related to subscription billing, payment processing, and integration with CRM or ERP applications.
February 1, 2024
podcast episode preview with headshot of max rosenberg vp of client services for roadwayPodcast

Recurring Billing System Implementation

Max Rosenberg shares the many considerations for implementing a recurring billing system on this episode of the Ordway podcast. Topics include automating sales tax calculations, connecting to payment gateways, and designing customer communications schedules.
January 23, 2024
video preview for emerging payment technologies podcast interview with headshot of phil levy CEO of exact paymentsPodcast

Phil Levy CEO of Exact Payments Interview

Phil Levy, CEO of Exact Payments, discusses three emerging payment technologies that B2B SaaS companies should be aware of - 1) digital wallets growing adoption across channels, 2) network tokenization models to reduce fraud, and…
December 5, 2023