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SaaS Metrics Reporting

ARR/MRR, bookings, churn, and retention

Ordway SaaS metrics reporting software screenshot

SaaS KPI reporting

Report to private equity, venture capital, public shareholders, and board members

  • Recurring revenue
  • New bookings
  • Expansions and contractions
  • Net dollar retention
  • Customer counts
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New bookings

ACV, ASP, and more

Ordway provides turnkey reporting on key SaaS metrics for you to include in monthly flash reports, quarterly board packages, and annual reviews.

New bookings

Track bookings from new logo sales, renewals, upsells, and cross-sells in ACV, TCV, ARR, or MRR.

Contract dynamics

Understand trends in Average Selling Price, contract length, and discounts applied by the sales team.

Future cash flows

Understand the mix of annual contracts with upfront payments and pay-as-you-go customers billed monthly.

Ordway SaaS Metrics TCV ACV reporting screenshot

Revenue metrics

ARR/MRR New Expansions, Contractions

Ordway supports a wide range of recurring revenue models, including subscription, usage-based, and transaction pricing.

Recurring revenue

Report on ARR or MRR on a gross or net basis for new accounts and expansion bookings.

Growth rates

Analyze historical revenue growth rates. Generate future projections based upon contracted ARR and deferred revenue.

Business trends

Understand trial and freemium conversion rates. Study consumption dynamics of usage-based pricing models.

Raise Your Investor NPS

Optimize Your Investor Experience

Respond faster with higher data accuracy than you can achieve with spreadsheets.


Seed & Series A


Series B-C


Series D-E




Strategic or financial

SaaS customer metrics

ARPA, customer counts and more

Ordway integrates directly with your CRM application to capture the pricing and payment details for new logo, upsell, and renewal contracts. 

Customer counts

Track changes to the customer base including new logos, pending renewals, and churned accounts.

Top accounts

Report on your top 10 revenue-generating accounts and forecast based upon recent trends.

Customer segmentation

Filter by product line, geographic region, revenue band, and other firmographies.

Ordway ARPU and SaaS metrics reporting software screenshots

Retention metrics

Net revenue retention, churn, and more

Ordway will help you to understand the revenue dynamics of your customer base with detailed metrics.

Ordway net revenue retention reporting software screenshots
Dollar-based retention: Study gross revenue retention (GRR) and net revenue retention (NRR) to understand the impacts of churn, expansions, and contraction.
Churn: Calculate churn rates from cancelled and downgraded contracts as well as the churn MRR/ARR.
Renewals: Understand historical renewal rates and project potential impacts to recurring revenue from upcoming contract renewals.

Single source of truth

Keep your finger on the pulse of the business

Finance, sales, and customer success data combined into a single view.

  • New and existing customers
  • Orders and subscriptions
  • Products and prices
  • Renewals and cancellations
  • Billings and collections

Cash flow metrics

Billings, credits, and collections

Keep your finger on the pulse of short-term cash flows so you can plan to access lines of credit, leverage revenue financing, or start fundraising.

  • Billings: Understand historical and future cash flow dynamics with reporting on past invoicing and future billing schedules.
  • Collections: Analyze collection dynamics using data on failed payment transactions, delinquent accounts, and average days sales outstanding.
  • Credits: Impacts of credits on revenue applied due to refunds, service level agreements, and contract terminations.

See Ordway’s SaaS metrics software in action.