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Meet Ordway

The finance platform for innovative business models

The Ordway Vision

The first billing system with code written in future tense

Ordway wasn’t designed for how business was done in the past, but for how it is done today and how it will be done in the future.

Most billing and revenue systems are designed for how pricing and contracts were structured in the 2000s and 2010s. Product development teams at billing vendors wait until pricing models go mainstream before adding it to their roadmap and feature list. The problem with this approach is that entrepreneurs don’t want to be mainstream. They want to be the early adopters. They want to be on the front edge of the bell curve. That’s where Ordway comes in.

Our Vision

Ordway Product Suite

Ordway’s product suite supports all of today’s innovative pricing strategies and contract structures.

It also has the flexibility to adapt to new, emerging business models that haven’t been invented yet. With Ordway you feel confident that you can support whatever creative deal structures your sales team negotiates and respond to whatever new pricing trends emerge in the market.

Billing engine

Invoice for subscriptions, usage-based pricing, and other recurring revenue models.

Receivables automation

Automate payment collection, aging reports, dunning and customer communications.

Revenue recognition

Track deferred revenue & standalone selling prices under ASC 606 & IFRS 15.

Investor metrics

KPI reporting on MRR/ARR, net dollar retention, bookings, churn, renewals.

Billing reimagined

Reach a state of “Revtopia”

Our goal is to liberate your finance team from mundane, repetitive tasks and make your billing and revenue recognition processes as effortless as possible.

At Ordway, we imagine a world where billing, revenue accounting, and investor reporting don’t require a twenty-tab spreadsheet and a small army of staff. We don’t think you should have to sacrifice nights and weekends to complete the monthly bill run and close the books. Signed sales orders should flow directly from the CRM and be automatically transformed into invoice calculations, revenue schedules, and quarterly reports.

Finance leaders should have details about customers, contracts, upsells, renewals, and cancellations at their fingertips. They shouldn’t have to wait until month-end to get visibility. And when an existing or prospective investor asks for financial metrics, you shouldn’t have to triple check every report sent out to investors for data accuracy.

The Ordway Mission

Helping finance teams conquer impossible billing challenges.

  • Creative contract structures from the sales team
  • Consumption pricing strategies from product
  • New recurring revenue metrics from venture capitalists

Finance teams at “as-a-service” businesses face a unique set of challenges. Ordway was designed for the rapid pace of innovation in today’s high growth companies.

Ordway customers

We powers the world’s most innovative business models.

Financial services

FinTech providers enabling consumers to open up new bank accounts online in just a few minutes by using AI to perform fraud detection, credit and lending decisions.


Ushering in a new era of telemedicine with technology that enables patients to perform contactless registration, check-in, payments, and live video consultations.

Higher education

EdTech platforms connecting university students with employers for internships and full-time roles or to train for careers in cybersecurity or software development.

Real estate

PropTech firms leveraging IoT to monitor energy consumption in commercial office buildings and provide recommendations on how to reduce their carbon footprint.


Tech providers reimagining the restaurant experience with apps that automate ordering for home delivery, carry out, drive thru, or in restaurant dining.


MarTech providers enabling philanthropic and charity organizations to secure more recurring contributions and high dollar value donations from the community.

The Ordway approach

At Ordway we don’t do things the ordinary way.

Building software customers will love…

Many technology vendors have a sales-driven culture. They overpromise and underprice their offerings to win deals and then perfect the art of resetting expectations during implementation. You won't experience that with Ordway. We have a culture of product excellence that is driven top-down. I spent 20 years in product management and product development roles, launching several multi-billion dollar offerings at some of the world’s largest finance and ERP vendors. I founded Ordway because I got frustrated at the lack of focus on product quality that many of my employers had and I wanted to do it right. At Ordway our goal is to build products our customers will love."

Sameer Gulati CEO and Founder of Ordway

Sameer Gualti
CEO and Founder

Designing an extensible platform…

With Ordway, the product functionality you get isn’t limited to the features our developers have coded. We offer a ‘no code, low code platform’ that is configurable by our customers to offer extended capabilities. You can use our API to send usage data from your product directly to Ordway for real-time revenue visibility. You can create workflows to manage bespoke processes for your top 10 accounts. You can build custom reports that calculate ARR metrics the way your team defines them. You might think of Ordway as a platform but for finance leaders. The benefit is that your growth won’t be constrained by Ordway. Whether you are expanding internationally, launching new products, or changing your business model, the Ordway platform can be configured to meet your needs."

Subbu Venkiteswaran - CTO of Ordway

Subbu Venkiteswaran
SVP of R&D, Operations, and Product

Enabling the Recurring Revenue Revolution

There’s a revolution going on in the world of revenue. It’s shifting from transactional to recurring. Investors from Wall Street to Sand Hill Road are putting their bets on companies that can consistently and predictably produce revenue growth. Recurring revenue is capitalism’s favorite business model.

The shift is happening in industries from media and entertainment to automotive and industrial manufacturing, but the biggest part of the revolution has been in the software and data center hardware industry over the past 20 years.

Our mission at Ordway is to empower and enable the finance and accounting teams at SaaS and cloud companies. Recurring revenue has introduced a new set of business processes the complexity of which has never before seen in financial operations."

Steve Keifer VP of Marketing Ordway

Steve Keifer

Chief Marketing Officer

Creating true partnerships with customers…

Our goal with every account is to reach the 'true partnership' status model that is often sought, but rarely delivered in vendor-customer relationship. We invest heavily in training our own in-house professional services team as well as our implementation partners. They know the product inside and out, which enables us to jumpstart customer implementations. Most of our customers are generating invoices from our billing engine and closing their books on Ordway within 90 days. After go live, our customer success team continues to provide high-touch support as needed with new product launches, pricing changes, ERP upgrades, and capital raising efforts."

Max Rosenberg vice president of client services at Ordway

Max Rosenberg
Vice President of Client Services

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