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Optimizing Cash Flow, Profitability, and Growth

SaaS Finance Leaders Series

Investors are seeking a stronger balance of growth and efficiency in 2023.  Some want portfolio companies to hit the Rule of 40 while others are seeking 100% NRR, but all want to see improvements in cash flow, gross margins, and topline revenue growth.  Join our panel of SaaS leaders to learn how finance can help the business navigate through today’s turbulent times to achieve a better balance of growth and efficiency. 

Topics covered:

  • Profit – How to generate margin expansion from better expense management. Strategies for analyzing the top 5 spend categories such as headcount, SaaS, travel, real estate, and cloud infrastructure.
  • Cash Flow – How to best forecast cash inflows and outflows. Best practices for managing aging receivables and delinquent payers. Strategies for deferring cash outflows with vendors.
  • Growth – How to get focused on the best growth opportunities. Strategies to motivate new customers to purchase in an uncertain economy. Best practices to drive ARR expansion from existing customers with upsell and cross-sell.

Speakers include: