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Topics covered:

Watch the replay to learn more about what the sales organizations need from finance to be successful. Discussion topics will include:

  • Sales Contracts – How to structure long-term contracts with customers that bring more predictable, recurring revenue.
  • Discounting Tactics – How to incentivize customers to grow consumption with discounting strategies and loyalty programs.
  • Revenue Forecasting – How to gain visibility into usage-driven revenue in real time and forecast future consumption.
  • Billing Policies – How to think strategically about the details of billing policies to realize an additional 1-2% growth from accounts.

Speakers include:

  • Aman Sharma, Head of Go-to-Market (Moderator)
  • Steve Keifer, Head of Growth/Marketing (Speaker)
  • Pradheep Sampath, Head of Product (Speaker)

Originally recorded May 2022

By Ascent Conference

Length: 90 Minutes