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Ordway Partners

Implementation, outsourcing, and technology partners

Implementation Partners

Help clients realize hyper-automation of billing, AR, and revenue accounting functions.

Businesses that migrate their billing and revenue accounting to Ordway typically reduce billing cycles and monthly close processes by 80-90% as well as reduce the need for incremental staff as they grow. Dozens of financial advisory and business consulting firms are helping their clients migrate from spreadsheets and “starter” billing applications to Ordway.

Implementation partners can help reduce the cost, risk, and timeframe for transition by performing the heavy lifting on tasks such as:

Future state modeling

Workflows, use cases, and data models for various contract types and pricing models including subscription, percentage, and usage-based pricing.

Invoice design

Placement of branding elements, line items, taxes, totals, contact info, and remittance details. Custom content such as detailed consumption or subscription reporting.

Billing configuration

Scheduling of monthly bill runs. Configuration of pro-ration rules. Application of foreign exchange rates. Setup of variables for rating engine.

Accounting rules

Revenue recognition rules for one-time or straight-line recognition. Configuration of revenue sub ledger and chart of accounts.

Customer communications

Content and timing of notifications about new invoices, payment confirmations, transaction errors, and expired cards.


Link to customer’s product for feeds of usage data. Real-time or batch integration with CRM, CPQ, sales tax, payment gateway, and general ledger applications.

Data migration

Upload of products, prices, and contract details for existing customers. Migration of historical journal entries, invoices, and payment transactions.

Testing and migration

Multi-phased launch of new customers and existing accounts. Parallel run period to ensure billing accuracy before decommissioning of legacy system.

Outsourcing and managed services

Offer full-service billing, accounts receivable, and rev recognition to your clients.

Ordway offers unparalleled levels of automation for today’s innovative pricing models and complex contract structures, reducing the dependency on spreadsheets and manual processes. Fractional CFOs and Startup Accounting practices as well as Top 100 Financial Advisory firms partner with Ordway to offer their clients full-service offerings that include:

Post-close processing

Capture the products, prices, contract dates, and payment terms needed for billing and accounting from recently closed sales orders.

Monthly billing

Generate invoices with one-time and recurring charges with support for pre-paid, pay-as-you-go, freemium and free/paid trial models.

Accounts receivable

Process collections via multiple payment channels (card, ACH, wire). Reconcile and apply cash receipts to the appropriate accounts.

Customer communications

Send alerts and notifications to customers throughout the invoice-to-pay lifecycle. Perform dunning for past-due accounts to secure payments.

Billing inquiries and disputes

Respond to questions about line-item charges, billing calculations, or failed payments. Process invoice disputes and apply refunds/credits.

Revenue accounting

Provide GAAP accounting (ASC 606 and IFRS 15) of deferred and recognized revenue including support for the monthly accounting cycle.

Contract changes

Processing of upsells, cross-sells, renewals, and cancellations with price changes, contract term extensions, and pro-ration of charges.

Board reporting

Quarterly board reporting on key recurring revenue metrics such as ARR/MRR, ACV/TCV, Customer Lifetime Value, and Net Dollar Retention.

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Venture capital and private equity

Lean finance for portfolio companies in startup or scale-up mode.

Ordway automates the most resource-intensive aspects of billing, collections, and revenue accounting functions so finance teams can scale without hiring an army of FTEs.  Venture capital and private equity firms partner with Ordway to enable their portfolio companies to:

Launch innovative pricing

Experiment with new pricing and packaging strategies without having to worry about breaking the billing and revenue recognition systems.

Increase net retention

Enable higher volume of expansion bookings from upsells, cross-sells, and renewals by removing high-friction billing and accounting challenges.

Grow recurring revenue

Transition pay-as-you-go customers with usage-based pricing to long-term contracts with prepaid credits or monthly minimums.

Simplify KPI reporting

More frequently and easily report on key metrics such as MRR/ARR, ACV/TCV, and LTV with the ability to perform segmentation and cohort analysis.

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Technology partners

Automating the order-to-revenue cycle through integration

Ordway integrates with market-leading sales, tax, payment, and accounting applications to enable end-to-end automation of the order-to-revenue cycle. Critical data is extracted from CRM and CPQ applications then enriched with data from foreign exchange and tax applications to generate invoices. Remittance data from payments collected is matched with revenue schedules generated by Ordway to produce the full set of journal entries needed to publish to a general ledger.


Ordway integrates with popular sales automation applications to capture sales orders for new customers as well as upgrades, renewals, and cancellations.

Configure, price, and quote (CPQ)

Ordway captures the product, price, quantity, discount, and configuration details to support the billing of complex SKUs.

Tax automation

The appropriate sales tax, VAT, or GST rate to include on an invoice based upon the customer location and product set shared by Ordway.

Payment gateway

Ordway connects to leading payment processors to enable customers to receive funds via credit cards, ACH, wire transfer, or traditional paper checks.


Ordway can post journal entries associated with invoicing, payments, and accounts receivable to a general ledger (GL) in real-time or at month-end close.


Ordway can publish data to accounts receivable, general ledger, and financial close modules to support order-to-cash, invoice-to-pay, and record-to-report cycles.

See the industry’s most flexible billing and revenue automation platform in action.