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Spend more time focused on growth

Put finance on auto pilot and spend less time on many of your most time-consuming finance activities like fundraising, billing, and revenue accounting. With programmatic financing and billing automation you can. Watch the replay of this 30 minute webinar presented by Capchase and Ordway to learn the details.

Originally Recorded February 2022

Part 1

Billing and Accounts Receivable

Learn how to use technology to automate the most time-intensive aspects of monthly invoice generation, collections, and accounts receivable.

  • Fixed and Recurring Charges
  • Taxes and Currency
  • Aging and Dunning
  • Disputes and Inquiries

Steve Keifer
Head of Marketing at Ordway

18 minutes in length

Part 2

Programmatic Financing

Leverage your own revenue to fund your business and supercharge your growth – all without any debt, diluting your equity, or spending months on raising capital.

  • Underwriting process
  • Funding rapid growth
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Large expenses and projects

Jamie Maynard
Head of Sales at Capchase

15 minutes in length

Don’t have time to watch? Read a short recap of the webinar to learn more about how you can put finance on auto pilot using strategies such as programmatic financing, billing and revenue automation.

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