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Billing software

Invoicing for “as-a-service” business models

Billing software for today’s innovative pricing models and contracts

Product and price catalog

Model all your product offerings, packaging configurations, and price promotions. Keep synchronized with your CRM.

Recurring and one-time charges

Bill a flat monthly subscription fee or calculate variable fees based upon billable hours, usage, or a percentage of transaction value.

Rating engine

Compute charges based upon metered consumption. Apply overage fees and rollovers. Prepaid credits, free units, and monthly minimums.

Prorated charges

Auto prorate charges for mid-contract changes (upsells and cross-sells) that change products, price, term, or billing schedule.

Taxes & currency

Compute VAT, GST, or sales/use tax for various national, state, and local jurisdictions. Apply currency conversions based upon FX rates.

Invoice generation

Customized invoice designs to match your brand identity. Include subscription and usage details. Show the math behind calculations.

Flexible to support trillions of billing combinations

Contract types

New Order

Price promotions

Free Trials
Free Credits
Ramp Up Pricing

Billing timing


Invoice frequency

First Day
Last Day
Event Triggered
Threshold Driven

Charge types

SLA Credits

Put your billing on auto pilot

Scale revenue and customers without adding FTEs

Move away from spreadsheets and manual processes to automated billing software. Automate:

  • Subscriptions with multiple tiers and feature add-ons
  • Usage based billing with spend commits or prepaid credits
  • Contract changes with mid-month pro-rations
  • Consolidated billing and split billing arrangements’
  • Revenue sharing and partner commissions

Custom designed invoice templates

Present a branded customer experience for billing

Generate invoices as well as estimates, pro forma invoices, statements, credit memos, and other customer-facing documents.

Custom templates

Match your brand identity by adding your organization’s logos, fonts, and colors.

Calculation formulas

Show the math behind the calculations. Display the formulas, inputs, and rating tables.

Invoice fields

Include PO number(s), contact info, bank payment instructions, marketing promotions, or attention fields.


Billing software designed for subscription and recurring revenue models

Usage-based billing software

For metered consumption.

  • Pricing models: Bill for volume, tiered, stair step, and other usage-based billing models.
  • Contract structures: Pay-as-you-go, pre-paid credits, monthly minimums, and spend commitments.
  • Credit balances: Track pre-paid units. Apply rollovers and expiration rules. Trigger replenishments.
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Subscription billing software

For fixed monthly fees.

  • Pricing models: Per user per month, multiple tiers, and other value metric models.
  • Contract structures: Free trials, freemium, discounts, credits, cash back and waivers.
  • Credit balances: Prorate for new line items, price changes, and term extensions.
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Designed for customer growth

Pro-ration for mid-contract changes

Automate upgrades, downgrades, cancellations, migrations and reactivations.

Line-item changes

Apply changes to products, prices, discounts, and quantities to invoices at a line-item level.

Contract and end dates

Adjust billing to be co-terminus with existing contract schedule or newly executed contracts.

Prorated calculations

Calculate partial period charges for current, future, or historical billing periods.

calendar illustrating mid-contract billing proration

Designed for international expansion

Taxes and currency

US sales tax: Integrate with tax applications to determine rates for various US states, counties, and local jurisdictions.
VAT and GST: Include VAT and GST tax charges on invoices for Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and other countries.
Currency: Bill in USD, CAD, GBP, EUR, AUD, and hundreds of other currencies. Update monthly based upon foreign exchange rates.

Trustworthy accurate billing

Avoid invoice disputes that cause friction in customer relationships.

  • Match the line-item descriptions word-for-word with customer’s contract
  • Display the formulas, inputs, and rating tables used for calculations
  • Explain high-dispute charges such as overages, commissions, and uplifts
  • Ensure accurate pro-rations for upgrades, renewals, and cancellations
infographic of man reaching out from computer screen to award trophy to business woman

Uplifts, discounts and credits

Apply line item level adjustments

  • Uplifts: Schedule price increases for specific calendar dates or contract renewals. Compute markups based upon percentage increases or the current price list.
  • Discounts: Apply discounts, promotions, and coupons to specific line items, groups of line items, or the entire bill. Use percentage or absolute dollar amounts.
  • Credits and surcharges: Apply refunds, rebates, adjustments, SLA and non-performance credits. Add late fees, termination penalties and other surcharges.

See the industry’s most flexible billing software in action.