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Part 1

Sales Taxes for SaaS Companies

Learn about the concept of economic nexus and how it impacts the taxation of SaaS in various states and cities. Understand when startups should begin to collect taxes and register with new jurisdictions. Key topics will include:

  • Legislation: Examples of varying state/local tax policies for SaaS.
  • Exposure: Revenue and profit impacts of delaying collections
  • Fillings: Automating registrations, returns filings and tax payments.

Michelle Valentine CEO AnrokMichelle Valentine
CEO and Co-founder of Anrok

Length – 12 Minutes

Part 2

Recurring Billing for SaaS Companies

Learn how you can automate invoice generation for SaaS contracts with multi-tiered or per user pricing. Understand best practices for managing receivables and customer communications. Key topics will include:

  • Billing: Automate invoicing for new logos, renewals, and upsells.
  • Collections: Optimize payments, dunning, and aging reports.
  • Integration: Share data between CRM, billing, tax and your GL.

Sameer Gulati
CEO and Founder of Ordway

Length – 17 Minutes