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Scaling Revenue with Usage-Based Pricing Models

There’s a tremendous amount of buzz about usage-based pricing models in the market over the past 12 months. As demonstrated by recent IPOs, a well executed usage model can result in faster top line growth, lower customer acquisition cost, and higher net retention. Success requires arming the sales team with the tools needed to win big deals by offering flexibility in areas such as pricing, contracting, and discounting.  Finance will play a critical role as most of the complexity for operationalizing a usage-based pricing model falls onto the accounting team. Billing, collections, revenue recognition, financial reporting, sales compensation, budgeting and forecasting all gain an added layer of complexity with a the usage model.

Discussion Topics:

Watch the replay to learn more about what the sales organizations need from finance to be successful. Discussion topics will include:

  • Sales Contracts – How to structure long-term contracts with customers that bring more predictable, recurring revenue.
  • Discounting Tactics – How to incentivize customers to grow consumption with discounting strategies and loyalty programs.
  • Revenue Forecasting – How to gain visibility into usage-driven revenue in real time and forecast future consumption.
  • Billing Policies – How to think strategically about the details of billing policies to realize an additional 1-2% growth from accounts.

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Webinar Speakers

Pradheep Sampath

Pradheep Sampath - Head of Product at Ordway

Head of Product

Pradheep has responsibility for Ordway’s product strategy, innovation, product roadmap, user experience, training and documentation. Pradheep brings 20 years of experience in product management leadership roles at various cloud providers including several that have achieved rapid growth and market leadership positions. Prior to Ordway, Pradheep was the Chief Product Officer for during a period of hyper growth in which the company’s recurring revenue grew exponentially and enterprise value soared to over $1.5 Billion. He was the Head of E-Commerce Products for Spree Commerce prior to its acquisition by First Data. Earlier in his career Pradheep held numerous product management leadership roles at larger organizations such as Sage, Liquidity Services, GE GXS, and supply chain software leader i2.

Steve Keifer

Steve Keifer VP of Marketing Ordway

Head of Marketing

As the VP of Marketing, Steve’s role is to accelerate growth and expand market share in technology sectors such as SaaS, cloud, IoT, AI, and fintech. He also leads Ordway’s research practice which focuses on pricing strategies, subscription management, and billing strategies for recurring revenue business models. Prior to Ordway, Steve held executive roles at four different SaaS and cloud providers – including several which have achieved hyper-growth and billion-dollar valuations. He has spent much of his career selling and marketing fintech solutions in areas such as payments, e-invoicing, AP automation, cash management, supply chain finance, and fraud prevention.