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CFO Perspectives on Systems, Policies, and Controls to Report

ARR, LTV/CAC, Net Dollar Retention, and More

Discussion Topics:

The panel of SaaS and cloud finance leaders discuss:

  • VC and PE Focus – How does the focus change as you grow from early-stage to late-stage and IPO?
  • ARR/MRR – What are the different ways to calculate ARR? How do you put governance and policies in place?
  • LTV & CAC – What should be the systems of record?  CRM, accounting or Business Intelligence?
  • Retention & Churn – What metrics are most important to track the health of the customer base?  Net Revenue Retention?  Gross Revenue Retention
  • MQLs & Sales Pipeline – What to monitor in the pipeline? What are the operational challenges?

Webinar Panelists

Dan Fletcher CFO of PlanfulDan Fletcher

Chief Financial Officer

Marty Meyer CFO of GAN IntegrityMarty Meyer

Chief Financial Officer
GAN Integrity

Tim DanserTim Danser

Former VP of Finance
Respond Software

Sameer Gulati CEO and Founder of OrdwaySameer Gulati

CEO and Founder