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SaaS and Cloud

Recurring Payments Solution

Auto-Pay via Card or Bank Transfers

screenshot of Ordway recurring payments dashboard with amounts collected month to date

SaaS and Cloud

Recurring Payments Solution

Auto-Pay via Card or Bank Transfers

Flexible Options for Customers

Collect SaaS Payments

Improve the predictability of cash flows with automated payment runs that collect recurring fees monthly.


Enable customers to set up recurring payments with a credit card on file or through direct debit bank transfers. Set up monthly, quarterly, or annual auto-pay.

Pay now

Offer hosted payment pages to make it easy for customers to remit on demand. Embed links in emails or PDFs of invoices. Or direct customers to your billing portal.

woman marking date on calendar to pay bill

Frictionless Payments

Credit Cards

Make it easy for customers to pay. Our payment gateway partners will make it easy for you to get up and running quickly without the usual paperwork and lengthy bank approval process.

All the major card brands: Accept commercial and personal cards from all the major international card networks including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club.
Update expiration dates: Proactively update credit card numbers for soon-to-expire cards without asking the customer to update their payment information on file.
Retry failed transactions: Automatically retry payments without having to bother customers. Avoid missed collections due to technical errors, account balance limits, and other temporary blockers.
abstract illustration of credit cards, auto-pay form and invoices to represent recurring payments

Connect to Payment Gateways

Collage of screenshots of Ordway billing and revenue application

Get a Demo

See Ordway’s recurring payments solution in action. Schedule a 30-minute Ordway demo with one of our sales engineers.

Lower Transaction Costs

ACH and Bank Transfers

Lower payment processing fees with electronic funds transfers from your customer’s bank account. Setup recurring auto-payments or enable one-time, customer-initiated transfers.

Global payments: US ACH, Canadian Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD), UK BACS, SEPA Debit, Australian BEPS , and dozens of other bank transfers.
Debit or credit: Allow customers to push funds to you via credit transfer or, alternatively, pull funds from their accounts with pre-authorized debit transfers.
Account verification: Enable customers to formally approve recurring debits with bank-led account verification processes such as micro-deposits.
illustration of transfer of funds between banks
Illustration of world map with payments being collected from countries on each continent and routed to a single bank

Collect Worldwide

Multicurrency Payments

Ordway integrates directly with your CRM application to capture the pricing and payment details for new logo, upsell, and renewal contracts.

Bill in USD, Pay with local

Invoice customers in your primary currency (e.g. USD) and allow them to pay in their preferred currency.  Convert funds back into USD with foreign exchange services.

Local Billing & Payments

Invoice your customers in USD, CAD, GBP, EUR, CHF, AUD, and other major international currencies.  Allow them to pay in the same currency with no FX fees.

Abstract illustration of business man chasing money representing collections

Manage Exceptions

Post-Payment Processing

Save time and improve the accuracy of your accounting by automatically reconciling payments received and updating customer balances.

Cash application

Automatically apply payments received through card networks to the customer’s account balance.

Credits and refunds

Process full or partial refunds for credit card payments or bank transfers.  Issue credit and debit memos.


Update accounts and reverse payments originating from customer disputes and chargebacks.

See Ordway’s recurring payments solution in action.