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CareAcademy, an online training site for home caregivers, implemented Ordway to compress its monthly invoicing process from four days to a few hours.  Watch a short video of the Director of Customer Success discussing how Ordway has helped the organization launch new pricing models and scale their billing 3-6X without adding staff.

CareAcademy scales 6x with usage-based pricing.

“With Ordway, we were able to import usage on a monthly basis in a much more streamlined way that took probably four days of work down to a couple of hours, each month. And that was huge for us.

My name is Lily Roche. I’m Director of Customer Success at CareAcademy. CareAcademy is an online training platform. We provide online training for in-home caregivers who primarily work with seniors in their home.

Because of usage-based billing and the manual time component in our prior setup, it was taking about four days to actually do monthly invoicing.

And once we implemented Ordway, that got cut down to a matter of hours.

And we since then have scaled 3-6 X, in terms of what we are billing and the number of customers and users that we’re processing.

And we’re still able to do billing in the same amount of time, with just one person. The ability to pre-program different subscription types allows us to be flexible with our pricing while also not requiring a billing team member to memorize 20 different subscription models.

The close of each month, we send all of our monthly billing information over to QuickBooks, allowing our accounting team to pretty seamlessly align the payments that we saw that month. It’s been pretty easy to implement new processes with Ordway.

For example, at the beginning of this year, we rolled out new pricing and packaging for all of our customers. It was a pretty dramatic shift in how we were billing, and it was actually very easy to implement with Ordway. We could set up the new plans, align them with what we had on the sales side, and basically run with it. The ability to really easily see a customer’s billing history is incredibly valuable, makes the customer feel that we know what their account is, we’re familiar with them and we’re there to support.

I would recommend Ordway. It has allowed us to scale pretty quickly over the last two years, and they’ve been very collaborative and have a few things in place that will allow us to continue to scale further over the next few years.”