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Excerpt from Video

As our businesses face the onslaught of disruption and the reinvention that is on our doorsteps, billing tools will rise in strategic importance to the business. Firms that treat billing and payments technology as strategic will be more adaptive, more creative, and more resilient in the face of oncoming turbulence."

Lily VaronSenior Analyst

The Four Benefits of Modernizing Billing Technology

In this brief video Lily Varon, Senior Analyst with the independent research firm Forrester discusses how billing technology needs to offer extreme levels of flexibility to configure evolving monetization strategies and accurately manage dynamic revenue supply chains.

She also outlines the key benefits to modernizing billing technology:

  • Competitive Differentiation – The more creative firms can get with monetization strategies the more billing technology becomes a driver of strategic value.  When companies are doing billing in their own way, they start to compete on billing models.
  • Go-to-Market Motions – Billing systems that cannot accurately process their company’s evolving monetization strategy will force finance to figure out workarounds and may result in new products being launched on time.
  • Customer Experience – The billing and payments experience is one of the most emotionally potent moments of the customer journey.  When billing goes wrong its the end of the world.  Both brand reputation and customer trust are at risk.

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