Billing, revenue recognition, and investor KPIs

Ordway product suite overview

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Automate your
order-to-revenue cycle

Ordway powers the most important process in your business.

Converting signed sales orders into cash to run your business and reporting on the success to investors to grow your valuation. Ordway captures contract details from your CRM then uses the product and pricing details to generate invoices. Accounting journal entries are created in Ordway’s revenue sub ledger and can be published to your ERP/GL.

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Built for today’s innovative pricing and contract structures

Usage based



Per User
Stair Step


Transaction Value


AI Powered
Name Your Price

One time

Pro Services

Billing software

Rev up your “In-Gen”

Automate invoice generation for all types of pricing models and contract structures.


Multi-tiered plans, per user per month, and free trials.

Usage based

Volume or tiered with prepaid, rollovers, and true ups.


Tiered or flat commission structures and revenue sharing.

With Ordway you can reduce time and staff required to prepare bills, scale revenues without adding more headcount and improve the customer experience.

screenshot of ordway billing software with accounts receivable aging chart

Receivables automation

Cash in faster

With our flexible payment options and automated workflows you can automate routine accounts receivable processes.

Payment collection

Receive funds via cards, ACH, wire transfers, and checks.

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Dunning workflows

For renewals, past due, and failed payment scenarios.

Self-service portal

Empower users to check balances, download invoices.

With Ordway’s receivables management you can reduce aging receivables, accelerate cash flow and lower AR staff workloads.

Revenue recognition

Accounting for the future

Track deferred revenue for as-a-Service contracts and recognize revenue using ASC 606 or IFRS 15 accounting with support for:

Recurring revenue: Usage-based, subscriptions, and other models
Automated calculations: Multiple Element PBOs, SSPs, contract modifications
GL integration: Post summary or detailed journal entries to ERP or accounting app

With Ordway’s Revenue Recognition you can comply with US GAAP and international accounting standards, replace spreadsheets with software-based calculations, reduce audit risks, costs, and delays.

SaaS metrics

Get your raise faster

Respond faster and with higher accuracy during your next capital raise. Report to investors on key metrics driving the growth of your business including:

Booking and revenue

ACV/TCV, ARR/MRR, and growth rates.

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Churn and retention

Net Dollar Retention, renewals, and cancellations.


Customer counts and average revenue per account.

With Ordway’s SaaS Metrics you can increase responsiveness during fundraising, board prep, or M&A transactions; reduce errors to avoid embarrassing mistakes with new or existing investors; and run the business with a single source of truth for customers, bookings, and renewals.

Integrate with your systems

Connect Ordway with your CRM and ERP to automate the order-to-revenue cycle





See the industry’s most flexible billing and revenue automation platform in action.