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SaaS Metrics, Billing, and Revenue Recognition

Usage-Based Pricing Guide


  1. Overview
  2. Value metrics: Time, volume, transactions
  3. Discounting models: Volume, tiered, stair step
  4. Contract structures: Prepaid, monthly minimums
  5. Packaging Strategies: Feature vs usage defined
  6. Presentation Formats: Grids, tables, sliding scales
  7. Calculating Quantity: Percentile, high water mark
  8. Usage-Based Billing: Metering, rating, billing
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SaaS Billing Integration

Learn the benefits of connecting your SaaS billing platforms with different upstream and downstream systems.  Covers CRM, CPQ, ERP, accounting, payments, tax, foreign exchange and more.

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Calculating ARR

Compare the three different ways SaaS companies calculate ARR to understand which is best for you.  Rethink what products, contracts, and revenue streams should be included.

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