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Companies throughout North America and Europe unify their billing, revenue schedules, and reporting in one SaaS platform

Ordway, the next-generation billing and revenue automation platform for scaling companies, today announced it is the first to offer enterprise-level multi-entity billing and revenue management support for the SMB market. This means, regardless of size, companies can focus on global expansion and compete with Fortune 500 companies on an affordable and flexible order-to-revenue framework.

“With entities doing business in the U.S., Canada, and Sri Lanka, Ordway’s platform helps us invoice customers all over the world and keep our entities’ accounting separate,” said Eric Magas, CPA, Controller at MyDigitalOffice. “We’re in the process of scaling our business, and through our research, Ordway was the only vendor who could provide the multi-entity support we needed within the budget we could invest.”

Historically, only legacy ERP software, burdened with non-relevant functionality and high expense, could support multi-entity companies with their billing and accounting needs. This meant many companies cobbled together systems and spreadsheets to manage their multi-entity businesses. Today, companies can run their business units independently and still unify billing, revenue schedules, and reporting within one system on the Ordway platform.

“We are excited to provide multi-entity support to companies with global ambitions like MyDigitalOffice via our flexible and nimble platform,” said Sameer Gulati, CEO and Founder of Ordway. “Our customers across North America and Europe are able to expand into new geographies without worrying about needing to replace their finance stack.”

Learn more about how the Ordway platform supports multi-entity organizations November 19 at 11AM EST by attending a webinar featuring finance professionals from MyDigitalOffice and Ordway entitled “Going Global. Competing with lean teams and efficient technology.”


Ordway: Ordway is a billing and revenue automation platform that is specifically designed for today’s innovative, technology-centric business models. With Ordway you can automate billing, revenue recognition, and investor KPIs for recurring revenue from subscriptions or usage-based pricing models.