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Sameer Gulati Recognized as on Distinguished List of DC’s Top Entrepreneurs, Founders, and Early Stage CEOs

WASHINGTON – May 18, 2022 – Ordway’s Founder and CEO, Sameer Gulati, was recognized as one of the Washington DC area’s top entrepreneurs, founders, and early-stage CEOs in Washingtonian’s 2022 Tech Titans.  Gulati founded Ordway in 2018 with a vision of fixing one of the biggest bottlenecks to innovation amongst tech companies – billing.  Tech startups continue to develop new, innovative pricing strategies that can provide a huge competitive advantage in sales cycles. However, most finance systems cannot handle the billing and accounting for these new pricing models.

Published annually, the Washingtonian list recognizes the 225 most innovative and important people in DC’s tech scene right now. Entrepreneurs, government officials, cybersecurity experts, venture capitalists, and others to know.  Read more.


Ordway: Ordway is a billing and revenue automation platform that is specifically designed for today’s innovative, technology-centric business models. With Ordway you can automate billing, revenue recognition, and investor KPIs for recurring revenue from subscriptions or usage-based pricing models.