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Fresh Technology is a data-driven development company that enables more profitable restaurant management through four unique divisions: 

  • Fresh Tools, which puts restaurant data to use to produce actionable insights; 
  • Fresh Managed IT, which delivers outsourced IT, VoIP phones, internet, co-location and cloud services;
  • Fresh Admin, which offers skilled accounting, legal and financial management;
  • ToGo, leading-edge technology that enables online and mobile ordering

Faced with an unwieldly and unscalable finance stack—combined with the need to quickly evolve their business to help customers stay afloat amid COVID disruption—Fresh Technology went in search of an infrastructure that would be flexible enough to meet both current and future accounting and IT demands. After an extensive search, Fresh Technology ultimately chose Ordway’s API-first automated billing software because of its ability to integrate sales data from multiple channels and handle the complex invoicing requirements of their multi-faceted roster of customers. 

As a developer, the detailed documentation for their RESTful API made me feel confident before I even spoke to anyone at Ordway. When I saw the demo it became really clear cut that the platform would accommodate our scenarios and provide us cushion as offerings evolve now and into the future.

Aaron CoppockVP, Software Development, Fresh Technology
Ordway’s RESTful API and webhooks enable the real-time feed of info into their platform, which allows Fresh Technology to accurately invoice customers and display relevant usage data on their statements. 

  • Consolidated Product Catalog: Facilitates 5 products in a small set of plans vs. an estimated 10,000+ plans in Stripe (due to the way the Stripe API works). 
  • Workflow – Streamlined workflow automation between CRM, billing, and accounting platforms: Two-way sync between Salesforce and the Ordway platform, as well as turn-key integration with QuickBooks, means lower probability of human entry errors and more scalable invoicing, collections and revenue recognition. 
  • Sales-to-Finance: Significantly reduces friction between sales and finance teams, and makes room for clientele that demand unique contract terms and discounts.
  • Roll-up invoicing: Ordway’s webhooks facilitate multi-location or -franchise invoicing. 
  • Invoice Accuracy: Save the time of double-checking each invoice; with Ordway, the right invoice gets to the right customer each and every time.
  • Future-proofed: APIs and webhooks make for easy integration with other systems and user-friendly documentation and updates make scaling a breeze. 

Forward-looking businesses need future-forward tools to deliver the best possible tech performance. And APIs and webhooks make it happen. Whether it’s rules-based APIs that send calls on an automated basis or webhooks that respond to events or triggers—or more likely, a combination of both—you’ll get the most out of your IT infrastructure, and deliver better customer experiences in the process, if you make use of future-forward methodology to integrate all of its moving parts.


Ordway: Ordway is a billing and revenue automation platform that is specifically designed for today’s innovative, technology-centric business models. With Ordway you can automate billing, revenue recognition, and investor KPIs for recurring revenue from subscriptions or usage-based pricing models.