Recurring Revenue Business Models

Subscription & Usage-Based Billing

Plus revenue recognition, accounts receivable, and SaaS metrics reporting.

Bill for Subscriptions, Consumption or Transactions

The finance platform for innovative business models

Ordway supports all of today’s innovative business models from traditional, one-time purchase transactions to recurring revenue “as-a-Service” models. We specialize in SaaS, cloud, and fintech platforms with:

  • Subscription Pricing – Fixed monthly fees per user
  • Usage-Based Pricing – Variable pricing based on consumption
  • Transaction Pricing – Percentage of dollar value processed

Automate your order-to-revenue cycle

We automate the most important business process in your organization — converting sales orders into cash and revenue.

Ordway replaces semi-automated processes based upon spreadsheets with fully automated workflows that enable your business to scale faster.

Billing engine

Invoice for subscriptions, usage-based pricing, and other recurring revenue models.

Receivables automation

Automate payment collection, aging reports, dunning and customer communications.

Revenue recognition

Track deferred and recognized revenue schedules. Automate contract modifications.

Investor metrics

KPI reporting on MRR/ARR, net dollar retention, bookings, churn, and renewals.

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Effortless billing and revenue recognition

Reach a state of “Revtopia.”

Imagine no longer needing two to three weeks to complete the monthly bill run and close the books.
Imagine a world where billing, revenue accounting, and investor reporting don’t require a twenty tab spreadsheet and a small army of staff.
Imagine not having to triple check every report sent out to investors for data accuracy.

With Ordway, invoice calculations, revenue schedules, and quarterly board reports are generated automatically based upon data extracted from your sales contracts.

Our mission is to liberate your finance team from mundane, repetitive tasks and make your billing and revenue recognition processes as effortless as possible.

Our customers

Find out why Ordway is the fastest-growing billing and revenue automation provider in the market.

Transition to Ordway has had massive ROI for us. We’ve gone from a process back where it’s taking about 20 days to get out our invoices where invoices are now sent out business day two.”

Conner O'DonoghueController, Ocrolus

Scale your business faster

Free yourself from the constraints of traditional billing systems.

Ordway supports all of today’s innovative business models from traditional, one-time purchase transactions to recurring revenue “as-a-Service” models. We specialize in billing, accounting, and reporting on subscriptions with variable pricing based upon usage of the product, a percentage of dollar value processed, or dynamic pricing common in online marketplaces.

Launch new pricing strategies

Launch faster without waiting on billing system upgrades. Experiment with new pricing strategies.

Boost sales win rate

Offer more flexible discounts and contract terms. Rapidly respond to new competitor pricing structures.

Improve the customer experience

Reduce billing errors and unnecessary customer disputes. Streamline renewals, upsells, and cross-sells.

See the industry’s most flexible billing software in action.