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Leaders in the New York City tech scene gathered in the Flatiron District to celebrate efficiency gains brought about through billing and revenue automation and other process improvements. One of the main goals of the evening was to build community between parts of organizations that don’t often have opportunities to share and learn best practices with other finance and accounting professionals. As part of the celebration, we highlighted the great work of Klara, Vestwell, and Axial who are building solutions to meet the needs of their customers all the while reducing payment and collections friction.

animated photos of the billing bash in New York City

Billing Rock Star Award goes to Klara, Vestwell, and Axial

Sameer Gulati, Founder & CEO of Ordway, presented the Ordway Billing Rock Star award to all three organizations as a testament to their work becoming a relentlessly efficient finance and accounting teams (and true organizational rock stars).

Sameer Gulati and Levi Cohen

Sameer Gulati and Levi Cohen of Axial

Two themes overheard about billing and the business environment

Attendees represented a cross-section of the New York tech community and included companies that serve healthcare, finance, real estate, human resources, and more. From VCs and CEOs, to finance and customer success executives, the “billing bashers” articulated two themes:

Rid yourself of manual work. The SaaS ecosystem requires companies to effectively connect software and systems to reduce friction for internal and external stakeholders and eliminate manual work. Time needs to be freed to do more strategic work. One VP Finance in attendance described this concept in blunt, New York City terms, “I don’t want to do anything.”

Community is important. Organizations need to be flexible as their customers’ demands change. This results in changing and confusing dynamics within organizations. Spending time with professionals that are dealing with similar issues can be helpful as you design solutions to business challenges. Many of the “billing bashers” were excited to share best practices with their peers. 

Billing Bash at Hardings in New York

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