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Tidelift, who is redefining how software developers manage and secure open source, transitioned to Ordway after struggling to leverage Chargebee for its business processes. Watch a short video of the Head of Finance and Business Operations explaining how Tidelift was able to integrate their CRM with Ordway to automate billing and revenue recognition processes.

Achieving a lean deal desk with HubSpot Sales CRM to Ordway platform workflow.

“Everyone seems to integrate with Salesforce these days, but not everyone integrates with HubSpot. So, the fact that Ordway has a HubSpot integration is one, and two, the fact that Ordway is really the only billing system I’ve found that supports the enterprise or B2B SaaS sales motion. So, they’re really the only option.

I’m Brian Weisberg. I run finance and business operations for Tidelift. We help organizations manage their open source. So, think of it almost as like a Netflix or Spotify, but for open source software. Our previous solution [Chargebee], made it difficult, we often felt like we were trying to fit a square peg in a round hole and having to bend the buying process to satisfy the billing system. I need to be able to work smarter, not harder. And that’s really where something like an Ordway comes in.

One of the ways in which Ordway has helped me is reducing the need for a formal deal desk. We have this native integration with HubSpot, there’s a sync to Ordway button, and I can automatically schedule up a draft contract that I can then review to make sure all the prorations and the pricing is accurate and just set it live. Setting up our CRM integration was super simple. I was able to work both hand-in-hand with the CS, the customer success team, as well as the product manager who’s in charge of the integration, and they both were willing to not just teach me but also walk me through it and helped me understand how the integration works.

My experience setting up and configuring the HubSpot Connector app was seamless. Rolling out Ordway really helped me streamline my quote-to-cash process. It enabled us to easily convert deals from a “closed won” status to a draft contract in Ordway with the click of a button. The number one biggest benefit of working with Ordway is the fact that they listen and understand our business. I recommend Ordway to all of my finance and accounting peers working at B2B SaaS businesses. It’s the first time in my career that I have not had buyer’s remorse with a billing and subscription management solution.”