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Webinar promotion Future of Billing Technologies
New business models like subscriptions, marketplaces, platforms, and as-a-Service strategies are driving significant changes in the way businesses buy and sell their products. To respond firms need the ability to rapidly and repeatedly reinvent their business model by launching new offerings, changing monetization strategies, and adding new distribution channels. Historically, rigid billing systems have been obstacles rather than enablers of this type of rapid innovation, but a new wave of modern technology is driving a paradigm shift.

Join this webinar to learn more about the future of billing technologies will influence your:

  • Monetization Strategy – By empowering product teams to respond to disruptive new business models and competitive threats by launching new offerings and pricing strategies.
  • Sales Competitiveness – By enabling sales with the flexibility to customize packages, contracts, and payment terms to meet the customer’s specific preferences and win more deals.
  • Customer Experience – By ensuring customers get accurate invoices and payment visibility to reduce unnecessary friction in the relationships and enable focus on mutual success.

About the Speaker

Lily Varon Forrester

Lily Varon

Senior Analyst – Forrester

Lily Varón is a senior analyst serving digital business strategy professionals. Her research focuses on the strategies and technologies that firms need to win, serve, and retain customers in the age of digital business, including recurring customer and billing management solutions, the merchant payments processing landscape, evolving consumer payments behaviors, and how merchant payments acceptance strategies must adapt to serve them. Her research also covers the translation and localization of global websites and consumer online shopping behavior around the globe, with a particular focus on Asia Pacific and Latin America.

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