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Usage-Based Billing

Product Tour

Invoice for Consumption-Based Pricing Models with Prepaid Credits or Monthly Minimums

In this usage-based billing product tour, you will see how you Ordway can enable you to:

  • Configure a consumption-based contract for a customer.
  • Select a discounting model for volume, tiered, or flat/per unit pricing.
  • Select a unit of measure (API calls, GB of log files, number of events).
  • Define the discount tier ranges and associated per-unit prices.
  • Specify start and end dates for each charge.
  • Bundle in free or included units for each month.
  • Configure prepaid usage credits and associated expiration dates.
  • Import raw consumption data via API, file upload, or data.
  • View and modify the associated billing and revenue schedules.

See the SaaS industry’s most flexible usage-based billing software in action.