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Billing for SaaS & Cloud

Invoice Customers and Collect Payments

Designed for subscription and usage-based pricing offered in a product-led or sales-led growth model.

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SaaS Billing Application

Product-led or sales-led growth

Designed for innovative business models with dynamic pricing models, enterprise contract structures, and flexible payment schedules.  Ordway enables you to bill customers the way they want to be billed.

  • Pricing models – Usage-based pricing, subscription, and transaction (% GMV)
  • Billing frequencies – Multi-year, annual, semi, quarterly, monthly
  • Payment channels – Credit cards, ACH debit/credit, wire, checks
  • Contract structures – Freemium, pay-as-you-go (monthly), annual, prepaid credits
  • Product types – SaaS, cloud, pro services, training, customer support, hardware
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Designed for Innovative Business Models

Our Customers Have High Growth and Big Ambitions

Ordway customers don’t accept the status quo in any aspect of their business including the way they price, bill, and collect payments for their services.  Our customers include leading martech vendors using generative AI to revolutionize content development,  fintech innovators using blockchain to reinvent payment flows, and property tech providers using IoT to reduce the carbon footprint of real estate portfolios.


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SaaS Billing and Payments Collection

With Ordway you can automate billing, payments, and collections for subscriptions or usage-based pricing. Using Ordway reduces your dependency on the spreadsheets and manual processes that work well when you are small, but don’t scale as you grow. Customers that switch to Ordway typically realize immediate benefits. Monthly bill runs and close processes go from weeks to days. Finance teams can scale without adding FTEs.

icon of a saas invoice

Invoice Generation

Recurring billing for new customers, upgrades, and renewals.  Our billing engine supports all the popular pricing models including:

  • Subscription (good, better, best)
  • Usage-based (APIs, GBs, hours)
  • Transaction pricing (% of GMV)
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Subscription Management

From new customer acquisition to expansion and renewals. Automate product-led or sales-led growth motions for:

  • Free-to-paid trial conversions
  • Self-service upgrades
  • Auto-renewals
icon of email dunning communication

Dunning & Collections

Automate customer communications with billing contacts, AP, and other sponsors in the organization.  Optimize collections with:

  • Payment reminders
  • Expired card notifications
  • Due date approaching
icon of clock and document representing recurring payments

Recurring Payments

Enable customers to setup auto-pay for recurring billing.  Or send invoices to their A/P team and payment via:

  • Credit cards
  • ACH credit and debit
  • Wires, checks, and more
icon of bar chart saas metric report

SaaS Metric Reporting

Report to venture capital and private equity firms on key SaaS metrics. Segment by product, geo, currency, legal entity:

  • Renewals, churn, contractions
  • Net retention/Gross retention
icon of folder and revenue schedule

Revenue Recognition

Report on GAAP revenue under ASC 606 or IFRS 15.  Our dedicated subledger and revenue accounting engine will calculate:

  • Deferred revenue schedules
  • Contract modifications
  • Standalone selling prices

The Top Choice for SaaS and Cloud Providers

The Industry’s Leading Billing and Revenue Automation Platform

The highest average review score across online review sites

Integrate with your CRM & ERP

Connect Ordway to dozens of external applications and cloud services to fully automate the lifecycle billing, upgrades, renewals, and month-end close:

  • Accounting & ERP – Publish detailed or summary journal entries for A/R, billing, revenue, and credits to apps like NetSuite, Sage Intacct, and Quickbooks.
  • CRM & CPQ – Send new customer wins, upgrades, and renewals from apps like Salesforce and Hubspot for billing and rev rec.
  • Tax Automation – Use Avalara, Anrok, and other tax apps to determine if state and local taxes are due and compute the amounts for customer invoices.
  • Payment Gateways – Collect recurring payments on credit cards or ACH bank transfers via Stripe, CardConnect, and other gateways.
  • Your Product – Upload consumption data for usage-based billing. Publish invoice amounts and account balances to your product to display to customers.
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Implementation Services

Our team of revenue consultants will help you implement!  Customer satisfaction is our top priority.  Our team won’t rest until you are sending invoices and closing the books in Ordway:

  • Process design – We’ll interview your team to understand how you currently bill, collect, and report revenue. Then we’ll work with you to design a future that optimizes your invoice-to-pay and record-to-report processes.
  • Customer experience – We’ll redesign your invoices to make them more customer-friendly. Then we’ll help you write a sequence of customer email communications to keep customers informed throughout the contract lifecycle.
  • Data migration – We’ll help you upload your customer list, product catalog, and price schedules. Then we’ll help configure your chart of accounts and migrate your historical invoices, payments, and revenue schedules.
  • Testing – Before going live we’ll test high-volume use cases. We’ll work with you to double-check revenue schedules, customer invoices, and AR balances to ensure everything ties up and zeroes out.

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